Thursday, 22 September 2011

Thursday 22nd September 22:20

4 days without M, 3 days without P.
Mood is generally better than the last few days, no headaches today. Although I'd probably attribute the low mood and headaches due to the breakup of me and my girl. I haven't had any cravings to view porn or to masturbate. Libido is non existent at present - all part and parcel of the healing process from what I've read up

I went the gym today, did a bit of cardio, wasn't the best workout I've ever had, but feel better for it.

Current thoughts on relationship are it's probably for the best we don't get back together, that way there's no pressure on me to perform every time we meet and she won't be waiting around getting more frustrated as time goes on.

In a way I feel bad and a bit selfish for thinking this way, as she has all the attributes I could want in a girl, however I must put myself and my recovery first, whatever happens I'll always be here until death, will she? possibly, but it's not guaranteed.

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