Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday 25th September 20:58

7 days without M 6 days without P

I woke up today in a decent mood with a morning semi (not quite wood) the best I've felt for some time, I guess that's a sign of improvement. From what I've read, after orgasm your testosterone fluctuates for 2 weeks, but after 7 days it will increase briefly.

How long is the passion cycle on average? No one yet knows. We do know that in human males the neurochemical sequence after ejaculation is at least 7 days. (Testosterone predictably spikes briefly around day seven.) However, men and women who observe themselves carefully notice changes in mood that flicker on and off for about two weeks. Perhaps this cycle is an evolutionary remnant of an ancestor's mating season.

However the good mood didn't last too long and I'm feeling a bit down again.

I've just remember that I haven't actually masturbated for 11 days as on the 15th and 17th I received a handjob  from my girl, therefore I'm doing better than I actually thought, masturbation wise at least.

Although my general mood is low, I'm still feeling positive about fixing myself. If other people can, then I can.

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